Reset cPanel Password from SSH (for absolute beginners)


Reset your cPanel password from an SSH prompt via Putty.


Run this from bash:

ALLOW_PASSWORD_CHANGE=1 /scripts/realchpass User Password

User is the user you wish to change the password for, and password is the new Password.


You may sometimes inadvertently find yourself locked out of your cPanel management account (root user). While you can contact either cPanel support or your managed service provider and ask them to reset the password, it is extremely easy to do yourself as long as you know your root password has not been changed. It will also take less than 5 minutes, as opposed to waiting for a tech to get around to performing the reset, which may take an hour or more.

You can even do it if you have never used a command-line interface in your life, and the only program you need is Putty (if you are using Windows). A Putty guide is beyond the scope of this document. However, to connect to your server, all you really need to do is install Putty (you can literally copy "Putty.exe" to your desktop). It is available from the Putty website.

Then, type in your server's IP in the box labeled Host Name (or IP address) and hit Enter. Login with your root account and password (login is root and password is, well, the password that has been set for your server). Finally, run the command below. You can also copy-paste it by selecting and copying it and then right clicking in the Putty window once you are logged in.

ALLOW_PASSWORD_CHANGE=1 /scripts/realchpass User Password

User is the username you wish to change for, and Password is the new password. Replace them with credentials of your choice, such as root and 12345.

ALLOW_PASSWORD_CHANGE=1 /scripts/realchpass root 12345

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