How to assign additional IPs to your VPS machine

  1. Select your server
    • Click Services > SSD Cloud VPS > your designated Machine

    By default customers have one IP Address per VPS (unless the client ordered additional IPs before deployment). Clients interested in purchasing additional IPs (after deployment) will have to inform Support through the ticketing forums.

  2. On the specified VPS, Click Network > Interfaces
  3. You can now see the network interfaces for the VM, as well as the IP addresses assigned already.
  4. Click the edit pen on your preferred network interface (net0 is default) > Assign new IP > Save Changes
  5. You now assigned additional IP(s) to your VPS.
    • If you are unable to add an IP to the selected interface, add a new interface then add the IPs to the newly created interface.

Note: you may need to configure the IPs on the server manualy

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