How to setup a Minecraft server on Windows 10/11 or Windows Server

What you will need:

  1. A computer/server to host Minecraft
  2. A Stable internet connection
  3. Java installed
  4. A bit of time

To start off with, we need to get the Minecraft server files. If you plan on hosting the latest version of Minecraft you can download the server.jar file from: or if you plan on hosting a previous version, of Minecraft, you may acquire the server.jar file from: Once you have the server files place them in a new folder on your computer.

Now lets run the server.jar file. This will create a few files. The main file to focus on right now is the “eula.txt” open this up and change the line “eula=false” “eula=TRUE” doing so will allow you to run the server. (make sure to save the file)

After the eula file has been dealt with, we can focus on the file. Open this up. We are wanting to set the IP of the server. Find the line with “server-ip=” on this line we want to put the servers IP address. If you don’t know the servers IP follow the points below Windows start type “cmd” or “command prompt” then hit enter Once the command line opens type “ipconfig” look for the line with “IPv4 Address” (e.g. Copy this IP address and paste it after the “=” sign (e.g. "server-ip=")

Time to port forward. Port forwarding can be scary if you have not done it before, but we will guide you through it. We have 2 different method we will show you depending on your situation.

  1. Port Forward with Router access
    1. We can log into your router by placing your your computers default gateway IP address into your web browser (can be found with the ipconfig command used before)
    2. This should bring you to a page asking for a username/password which is normally found as a sticker on your router.
    3. After logging into your router we can proceed to the Port forwarding section (Note: this can sometimes be found under advanced settings)
      • Every router is different so if you are unsure consult your routers guide/network administrator on how to port forward.
    4. Add the port 25565
  2. Port Forwarding without Router Access
    1. Open up windows advanced firewall settings (with administrator privlages)
      • Windows start type “windows defender Firewall with Advanced Security”
    2. Go to “inbound Rules” and create a new rule
    3. For this we will select “TCP” and type “25565”
    4. Allow the connection
    5. You can leave domain, private, and public all checked.
    6. Put a name for this rule (recommended “Minecraft TCP – 25565") and place a description if you like. Then hit finish.
    7. Next follow numbers 2 6 again, but this time use UDP with the same port (Remember the change the name to UDP in letter f)

Now lets head back to your Minecraft server's location and add 1 more file. Create a text file and name it “server_start”. Edit this file and place in "java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.1.19.3.jar nogui". Save this file “server_start.bat” and we are all set!

Note: if you would like to adjust the ammount of ram your server uses change the numbers, following "-Xmx" and "-Xms" in the "server_start.bat" file. For example, if you would like the server to have 5gb of ram change the –Xmx and –Xms numbers to “5120” for different amounts of ram use GB to MB converter to make your life easier.

Lets see if this all work. Start the server by double clicking on “server_start.bat” and then launch minecraft. Head over to multiplayer and add a server. Plug in your servers IP address and all should be good to go. (If you are hosting the server on the same computer you are playing on you may be able to input “localhost” in place of the servers IP address)

If you want other people to connect to your server from outside of your network, over the internet, you will have to give them your external IP address, which can be found here. whatismyipaddress (make sure to give them your IPv4 address) If you are still unable to connect to the server try adding :25565 to the end of the IPv4 address (looks like this: where is your IPv4 and 25565 is the port)


  1. Download server files and place in a new folder:
    • (Latest version)
    • (Previous versions)
  2. Open the server.jar file
  3. Open the eula.txt and change “eula=false” “eula=TRUE” then save file
  4. Open and add your servers IP “server-ip=x.x.x.x” (x.x.x.x is your IP address)
  5. Port Forward port 25565 (read guide above on how to do this)
  6. Launch server.jar
    • Optional: Create a server_start.bat file and add “java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.1.19.3.jar nogui” then launch “server_start.bat” instead of “server.jar”
  7. Launch Minecraft, connect to your server, and craft away

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